Activity Options exists to empower people with special needs to participate in activities of their choosing that enrich, expand, entertain and empower… that day and the next.


Activity Options creates customized activities and day programs for people struggling to discover or regain their personal power and health.

Activity Options and YOU!

The programs offered by Activity Options can change what’s possible for people experiencing Disabilities and Special Needs! By increasing physical movement, building independence, exploring community resources and expanding friendships. A Colorado State PASA (Provider Approved Service Agency) and Colorado Respite Provider we participate in medicare funded programs. Activity Options also accepts private pay, which allows for enhanced and expanded opportunities for some participants and their guardians. Join Activity Options RecPartners for Day Programs, Travel, Local Outings and more… Your Partner for Living Life Larger!

Our Clients are People who experience Disabilities ID-DD-TMI and Special Needs

Every year hundreds of people experiencing Disabilities and Special Needs participate in customized activities tailored to their skills and ability! Activity Options works closely with each individual to design the best combination of activities to create an ideal schedule.  Your RecPartner™ will talk with you about your interests, ability level and goals and recommend a program or activity that is perfect for you.  This may be a combination of group or individual activities and could include both indoor and outdoor…  physically challenging or restful.  Our RecPartners™ are trained to provide enjoyable, safe and beneficial outings.

AO programs are designed to be enriching not just custodial.  If you are a guardian, have you yearned for providers who cared as much as you?  Now you can rest and enjoy your time knowing your loved one is having fun without you!

Assisted Activities for Seniors

No matter your age, stay active or re-engage in those sports and activities you loved but now need a little extra help.  Your RecPartner™ goes at your speed and takes care of all the details. Many, all season  options available with lots of flexibility.

Activity Options is a PASA in the state of Colorado
Activity Options is a PASA in the state of Colorado

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